About us

The company then known as Vertriebsdienstleistungen Express GmbH Sachsen was founded in 1995, creating a service company that is still operating successfully on the market today. Over the years, various factors led to the company having to reorganise and change its name.

Today, nine subsidiaries (subsequently referred to as VDL companies) under the management of VDL Sachsen Holding GmbH & Co. KG, which has its head office in Chemnitz, Saxony, provide delivery and distribution services for addressed and unaddressed items in our delivery and distribution area in south-west Saxony.

In addition to delivering daily newspapers, the core tasks in our subsidiaries – which are represented by Vertriebsdienstleistungen Express GmbH – consist of distributing advertising leaflets, brochures and official gazettes.






households in the area

Since 2020, we have had our own key visual – the paper rocket. It was developed in addition to our existing company logo to enhance our visual profile, both internally and externally, and to allow us to operate more flexibly. Above all, the paper rocket expresses ...

  •  ... the complexity of our services, because we do much more than just putting newspapers in letterboxes,
  •  the high quality standards we place on our own work,
  •  ... and the link between our services and the raw material paper.